Excellent Pliocene Deer Jaw Fossil

Cervidae indet.

Class Mammalia, Order Artiodactyla, Suborder Ruminantia, Family Cervidae

Geological Time: Late Pliocene (~2 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 150 mm long by up to 52 mm tall

Fossil Site: Liujiang, Guangxi Province, China

Fossil Code: TF319

Price: $125.00

Deer Jaw FossilDescription: This is a well-preserved jaw of a member of the Cervidae (deer) with rooted teeth from the late Pliocene of China. The Cervidae arose in Asia during the early Miocene, and migrated to the Americas later in the Miocene and ultimately to South America in the Pleistocene.

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