Uncommon Onchopristis Sawfish Rostral Tooth

Onchopristis dunkeli praecursor

Order: Chondrichtyhes Family: Sclerorynchidae

Geological Time: Lower Cretaceous, Albian Stage (112 – 97 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 32 mm outside curve length, 17 mm base width

Fossil Site: Kem-Kem Beds, Tegana Formation, South of Taouz, Morocco

Code: JAF01

Price: Sold

Description: This is an uncommon rostral tooth from the Cretaceous sawfish Onchopristis. These sawfish attained a length of some 8 meters, and are believed to have beena favorite prey of the largest known carnivorus dinosaur Spinosaurus. In its most recent life depictions Spinosaurus is believed to have been semiaquiatic in nature, frequenting the shoreline in search of prey, with the sawfish a favorite menu item. The sawfish itself was a predator and used the teeth on the sides of its rostrum to slash at fish and other prey items. The most common species is Onchopristis numidus, one that possesses but a single barb per tooth. The other species, Onchopristis dunkeli, had anywhere from 2 to 5 barbs. This one can be further keyed down to the subspecies O. dunkeli praecursor, one that had either 2 or 3 barbs. The other subspecies, O. dunkeli dunkeli had 3 to 5 barbs. It has one repaired crack, and comes in a Riker type display box.

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