Massive Crock Hey Fossil Calamites Stem Section

Calamites cistii

Division: Pteridophyta, Class: Equisetopsida, Order: Equisetales, Family: Calamitaceae

Geological Time: Carboniferous, Duckmantian Stage (330 million years old)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 55 mm wide by 150 mm long in a 95 mm tall by 150 mm long by 50 mm thick nodule mm

Fossil Site: Crock Hey Open Cast Mine, Wigan, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Code: RS86

Price: $115.00 - sold

Calamites StemDescription: This fine specimen is a member of the genus Calamites , a member of the Calamitales which belong to the Sphenophytes. Whorls of small leaflets are arrangedCalamites concentrically around a thin stem and are called Annularia (see my other offerings) or Asterophyllites. Calamites itself is the name originally given to a stem section, but now applies to the entire plant. These were indicative of humid to wet habitats such as along rivers and lake shores. This one is quite 3-D in preservation, and is what is called a pith cast, consisting of the longitudinal ribbed and grooved compressions of the plant. The only living example of the sphenophytes is the horsetail Equisetum. This is a most unusual specimen still contained within this huge nodule.

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