Fine Atrimpos Solnhofen Shrimp Fossil

Atrimpos (Penaeus) sp

Geological Time: Late Jurassic, Kimmeridgian Stage

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): Shrimp fossil is 35 mm (tip of rostrum to tip of telson). Matrix: 145 mm by 130 mm

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone, Malm Zeta 2, Eichstatt, Germany

Code: GF017

Price: $95.00

Atrimpos Solnhofen Shrimp FossilDescription: A fine example of the shrimp Carponeaeus of the Cenomanian Stage (93-97 m.y.a) Sublithographic limestone deposits of Haqel, Lebanon, this one had been listed as a member of the genus Aeger, but now assigned to the genus Carpopenaeus. A fine example of the degree of preservation found in these deposits found some 270 meters below the surface. Many invertebrate from Lebanon are artificially colored, with appendages and antennae highlighted by paint. This is NOT the case here, letting you see the natural preservation without enhancement.

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