Triops Precursor of a “Living Fossil”

Triops sp

Class Branchiopoda, Order Notostraca, Family Triposidae

Geological Time: Cretaceous

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 65 mm long with a carapace 25 mm by 29 across; Matrix: 145 mm by 115 mm.

Fossil Site: Yixian Formation, Beipiao, Shangyuan, Liaoning Province of China

Code: CF479

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Tripos Living FossilDescription: s specimen is of a crustacean colloquially termed a tadpole shrimp. It is a species of Triops from the Cretaceous of China. The genus is extant, and is found in temporary pools worldwide. It derives its name from the paired stalk less eyes that flank a single naupliar eye between them. The pools in which they live dry out, and the eyes wait for the next rainy season. Once the rains come, the larvae hatch out at grow very quickly reaching full size to lay eggs for the next generation in only 2 weeks.. Triops cancriformis from Europe has remained essentially unchanged since the Triassic, allowing it to lay claim to the title of longest lived species. This one is from the Cretaceous, and is quite well-preserved. Notice the segmentation of the abdomen and the limbs seen on the right anterior side of the carapace. The reverse preserves a fine bivalve.

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