Unknown Arthropod Grasping Appendage from Cambrian Utah

Phylum Arthropoda incertae sedis

Geological Time: Upper Middle Cambrian

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 26 mm long (curve measure) on a 59 mm by 60 mm matrix pair

Fossil Site: Weeks Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah

Fossil Code: UB115

Price: $395.00

Cambrian Arthropod  fossilDescription: This grasping appendage was listed as “arthropod appendage” on the inventory sheet. I will leave it as such—it is far different in morphology than the other three examples I have had before, all of which were probably attributed to Sidneyia and Anomalocarids. Based upon its size, it came from a relatively large animal, and was most likely used to seize prey. Whatever the precise taxonomic status, this is a most unusual and highly desirable specimen, made even more so by the fact that both the part and counterpart are present.

Reference: Briggs D.E.G., and R.A. Robison. 1984. Exceptionally preserved non trilobite arthropods and Anomalocaris from the Middle Cambrian of Utah. University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions, Paper 111:1-24.

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