Carboniferous Faunal Reef Assemblage Collection Five Phyla

Name: Phylum Brachiopoda (8); Phylum Cnidaria (2); Phylum Enchinodermata (1); Phylum Arthropoda (1); Phylum Bryozoa (3) {5 Phyla; 15 Species}

Geologic Time: Lower Pennsylvanain

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch):
Clockwise brachiopods from upper left. Eumetria costata 5/16" (8mm), Cliothyridina sublamellosa 7/16" (11mm), Chonetes granulifer 95/8" (16mm),
Rhipidonella sp. 13/16" (21mm), Spirifer occidentalis 1 5/16" (33mm), Dictyoclostus portlockianus 13/16" (20mm), Composita sp. 1 1/4" (32mm), spiriferellina sp. 1 1/4" (33mm)
Crinoid stem 1 1/8" (29mm), Coral-Vesiculophyllum sp. ? 1" (25mm), Coral-Barbouria sp. 1 5/16" (37mm), trilobite pygidium Kaskia sp. 5/16" (8mm), Three different species of bryozoans growing on Composita brachiopods, all about 1 1/4" (30mm)

Fossil Site: Ely Formation, Millard County, Utah

Code: IN012

Price: $90.00

This is a diverse faunal assemblage with 15 different species across 5 phyla from the Ely Formation in Millard County, Utah, that were part of a Carboniferous reef system.

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