Uniquely-Preserved Skull Of Rhinocephalus Fossil Fish

Name: Euteleostei; Gadiformes; Merluccidae, Rhinocephalus planiceps

Geological Time: Lower Eocene ,Ypresian Stage (~55 Million Years Old)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 52 mm in length, 20 mm high on a 60 mm by 50 mm by 30 mm nodule

Location: Tankerton, Kent, United Kingdom

Code: FF9335

Price: $275.00

Rhinocephalus Fossil FishDescription: The Eocene London Clay deposits of the Isle of Sheppey in Kent UK and the surrounding region including the Thames estuary is well-known for 3-D preservation of fish and crustaceans which have a stark contrast between the light color of the matrix and the preserved fossil elements. Seen here is a partial skull of Rhinocephalus planiceps, a member of the Merluccidae which today includes the cod-like fishes as well as the Hakes. These are predatory fish which inhabit the continental shelf and adjoining slope. The predatory habit is easily seen in the dentition preserved here. There are many other bones and fragments contained within this fine nodule.

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