Cretaceous Lebanese Fossil Fish Death assemblage

Pseudoberyx syriacus

Order Clupeiformes, Family Clupeidae

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage

Size: (25.4 mm = 1 inch) 40 mm high, 67 mm in length on 135 mm by 170 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Lebanese Lagerstatt, Haqel, Lebanon

Fossil Code: L396

Price: $365.00

Lebanese Fossil Fish PseudoberyxDescription: A rarely seen member of the Order Clupeiformes, the central fish is a member of the Family Clupeidae known as Pseudoberyx syriacus. As such, it is thought to have been a schooling fish. This one expired with a number of other fish, most likely of the genus Hajulia. There are 3 complete examples, 27-40 mm long, plus 3 partials 13-53 mm in length, as well as a few other fragments. The genus died out during the Late Cretaceous, leaving no descendants. There two other fish on the reverse, also most likely Hajulia. All-in-all, a rare mass mortality plate from 95 million years ago, one that is sure to serve as the centerpiece of any collection of fish from the region.

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