Rare Double Fossil Razorfish Centriscus strigatus from Italy

Centriscus strigatus

Class Actinopterygii, Order Syngnathiformes, Family Centriscidae

Geological Time: Lower Pliocene

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch) Fish fossils are 122 mm and 110 mm in length on a 240 mm by 148 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Marecchia River Formation, Poggio Berni, Rimimini Province, Italy

Code: FF018

Price: $285.00

Centriscus strigatusDescription: The slender compressed body and sharp ventral edge has earned these fish the common name Razorfish. The tubular mouth shows that these members of the Syngnathiformes fed on small Crustaceans and such, much as their modern-day relatives Seahorses and Pipefishes. They were closely related to the Shrimpfishes of the same genus. Here is a rarely-offered example of a double. While there is a matrix repair that runs through the smaller example at the lower left, it does little to detract from the specimen’s appearance.

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