Superb Iridescent Paracadoceras Ammonite

Paracadoceras sp

Geological Time: Jurassic, Callovian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 100 mm diameter, 50 mm across Living chamber 60 mm by
38 mm

Fossil Site: Volga River, Russia

Code: RA379

Price: $235.00 - sold

Paracadoceras AmmonitesDescription: A superb example of an ammonite of the genus Paracadoceras of the Callovian Stage (161 m.y.a) deposits of Russia which is entirely free of matrix. Ammonites of this degree of preservation are difficult to come across. The high degree of preservation of natural mother-of-pearl shell makes it appear to be preserved as fire opal. This is a consequence of light passing through the various layers of aragonite and conchiolin deposited by the ammonite in life. The lack of acidity in the depositional environment allowed them to be preserved as you see here.

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