Glochiceras Ammonite with Lappet

Glochiceras (Coryceras) microdomum

Class Cephalopoda, Subclass Ammonidea, Order Ammonitida, Family Haploceratidae

Geological Time: Upper Jurassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Ammonite is 28 mm across on a 65 mm by 50 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Malm Alpha 3, Gratenberg, Germany

Fossil Code: RS138

Price: $95.00 - sold

Glochiceras microdomum AmmoniteDescription: A magnificent example of the ammonite Glochiceras. of the Jurassic of Germany. Ammonites are often sexually dimorphic, displaying both a macroconch (large shell) and microconch (small shell). Since examples of the macroconch have been found with eggs, they are presumed to be the females. The microconch in addition to being somewhat smaller, has more ornate knobs and spines, as well as often displaying a structure known as the lappet at the front of the living chamber. The lappet is thought to have been a display structure which allowed other ammonites to tell “the boys from the girls”. This one displays the lappet clearly.

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