Fine Notoceras Heteromorph Ammonite

Notoceras (Eubostrychoceras) indopacificum

Order Ammonoidea, Family Notoceratidae

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous, Coniacian Stage (~89 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 85 mm long by 48 mm wide, 20 mm across (uncoiled length 225 mm)

Fossil Site: Madagascar

Fossil Code: 10099

Price: $95.00 - sold

Heteromorph AmmoniteDescription: This is an exceptionally fine heteromorphic ammonite that has been professionally prepared to display its beauty in 3-D. It has what is known as heteromorph shape. While most ammonites have spiral shells that retain the same shape throughout growth (homomorph), a major group of ammonites, the Ancyloceratina, emerged during the Late Jurassic which had uncoiled shells instead, and were called heteromorph ammonites (different-shaped). While little is known of their mode of life, their uncoiled shells would have precluded fast swimming. They may have wobbled their way through the water column with out-splayed tentacles, sweeping whatever came within their reach into their hungry mouths. They are rarely seen this complete; a pristine example would command a price several times that of this offering.

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