Pseudoarctolepis Phyllocarid Fossil

From the Wheeler Formation Lagerstatte

Pseudoarctolepis sharpi

Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Crustacea, Class Malacostraca, Subclass Phyllocarida

Geological Time: Early Middle Cambrian (~520 million years ago)

Size: Phyllocarid fossil is 49 mm long

Fossil Site: Wheeler Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah

Pseudoarctolepis Phyllocarid Description: This unusual Phyllocarid arthropod is known as Pseudoarctolepis sharpi. Phyllocarids are one of the lesser known branchiopod crustaceans from the PhyllocaridCambrian where they are among the earliest animals with a hard shell. They have a fairly large carapace, which protects the anterior part of the body. This structure hinged along the dorsal edge like a bivalve. Usually only the carapace is found. This one has both of the stabilizing arms preserved. Some partial examples of the trilobites Elrathia kingii and Asaphiscus wheeleri are also present.

Reference: Brooks, H.K., and Caster, Kenneth E. 1956. Pseudoarctolepis sharpi, N. gen., N. sp (Phyllocarida), from the Wheeler Shale of Utah. Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 30, No. 1 pp. 9-14.

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Pseudoarctolepis Pseudoarctolepis Phyllocarid

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