Centerpiece Placenticeras Pierre Shale Ammonite

Placenticeras meeki

Class Cephalopoda, Order Ammonoidea, Family Placenticeratidae

Geological Time: Upper Cretaceous

Size: 170 mm in diameter

Fossil Site: Pierre Shale, South Dakota

Placenticeras meekiDescription: This is a superb meticulously curated, and flawless specimen. All the shell has been removed from the spirals; then cleaned and polished to reveal the finest suture detail, on both sides. (Note photos for front and rear views.) The colors range in a narrow spectrum of off-whites and brown hues. The living chamber is present, revealing a druzy gem-like interior. This genus is characterized by a broad unornamented disc-like shape. The complex suture pattern, or growth lines, renders it an artistic masterpiece. Here the aesthetic beauty of nature is fully revealed in all its glory.

The Cretaceous Pierre Shale formation where this ammonite originates outcrops in the the United States and Canada, and is famous ammonite fossils, including Baculites, Placenticeras, Scaphites, Hoploscaphites, and Jeletzkytes, as well as many uncoiled forms. Many of these also have much or all of the original shell, as well as the complete body chamber, still intact. Many Pierre Shale ammonites, are found within concretions from which they must be removed, at least in part

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