Jurassic Fossil Fish Aphnelepis


Pholidoformes, Archaeomaenidae

Geological Time: Early Middle Jurassic

Size: 120 mm

Fossil Site: Purlawaugh Formation, Merrygoen Ironstone, Talbragar Fish Beds, Farrs Hill, Glugong, New South Wales, Australia

Fossil Fish AphnelepisDescription: This fossil comes fromthe most famous mass kill site in Australia, the Talbragar Fish Beds. Like the much younger Green River Formation deposits, large numbers of specimens that evidently died contemporaneously have been found. The ironstone has preserved all the details of the structure of the fish with remarkable fidelity. This is one of the more rear taxa from the deposit, and is quite a large example in a near complete state with matrix repairs. The site from which this specimen came has been closed for some time now so that only material collected in the past is available. The gape betrays this one as a predator, one that may have preyed upon the smaller schooling fish Leptolepis. The genus did not survive the end of the Jurassic.


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