Large Caturus Fossil Fish from Solnhofen Painten Quarry

Caturus sp

Geological Time: Upper Jurassic (160 mya)

Size: 260 mm

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone, Plattenkalk Formation, Painten, Bayern, Germany

Caturus Painten QuarryDescription: This is a wonderfully preserved specimen of one of the uncommon species from the Solnhofen Limestone. Caturus was a predator as evidenced by it’s mouth full of sharp teeth. It was a notable fast swimmer. This genus was a member of the extinct Halecomorpha family Caturidae. Once a diverse major group of bony fishes, the Halecomorpha have only one suviving member, the bowfin (Amia calva) of eastern North America. Living bowfins are remarkably hardy since they have a swim bladder that opens into their esophagus so they can gulp air, and hence survive in water with low oxygen.

Note the excellent preservation of the head, scaly skin and the fins. Especially of interest is the arm-like pelvic fin. The caudal, or, tail-fin has been reconstructed. Otherwise, there has been no other enhancement or reconstruction to this specimen.

Another unusual aspect of this specimen is the Specific Solnhofen quarry from which it was excavated. Generally fossils from the well-known quarries have little color, and many are enhanced to show better. This specimen is a deep sweet chocolate color which is totally natural, and uniquely found at this quarry site and the hall mark of its fame. Very few specimens from this quarry have been available to the public, especially in the USA. Fossils from the Plattenkalk Formation at Painten are also some 9 million years older than those from the traditional Solnhofen Limestone sites.

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