Solnhofen Fossil Fish Furo siemensychtius

Furo cf. siemensychtius

Class Actinopterygii

Geological Time: Jurassic (ca 151 mya)

Size: 270 mm

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone (Malm Epsilon), Painten, Bayern, Germany

Solnhofen Fish FuroDescription: This is a wonderfully preserved specimen of one of the uncommon species from the famous Solnhofen Limestone. Another unusual aspect of this specimen is the quarry from which it was excavated. Generally, fossils from the well-known quarries have little color, and many are enhanced to show better. This specimen is a deep sweet chocolate color which is totally natural, and found specifically at this quarry site and hence results in it’s great reputation. Very few specimens from this quarry have been available. Please also take note of the exquisite 3D preservation of the scales and tail fin. The upper portion of the body and head are somewhat twisted, exposing the under-side of the head. The back-side of the plate has been reinforced for stability.

Actinopterygians, from primitive Coccolepididae to advanced teleosts, are represented in the Solnhofen lithographic limestone. These are fishes with rhombic and round scales. Ganoid scales of the lepidosteoid type are found in caturids such as Furo. Ganoid scales are usually rhomboid in shape and have articulating peg and socket joints between them. They are modified cosmoid scales which consist of a bony basal layer, a layer of dentine, and an outer layer of ganoine (an inorganic bone salt). Actinopteri are related to sturgeon. Dating back to the Permian period.

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