Superb Undescribed Solnhofen Eryonid Crab Fossil

Cycleryon sp. nov.

Decapoda, Paliunra, Eryonidae

Geological Time: Late Jurassic, Kimmeridgian Stage

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 48 mm long by 42 mm across (including claws) on a 105 mm by 185 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone, Malm Zeta 2, Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

Cycleryon  Solnhofen Crab FossilDescription: The members of the Eryonidae are well known from the Jurassic deposits of Solnhofen. The genus Cycleryon is so named for its distinctively-circular cephalothorax. There are several readily-distinguished species. While this one bears some similarities to C. spinimanus, it is sufficiently different to be an entirely new, as yet unnamed species. These 150 million year old deposits are famous for their exceptionally well-preserved organisms, the most famous of which are the handful of specimens of the ancient bird Archaeopteryx. Crustaceans such as this rarely remain in articulation, making this a fine piece. Trackways are also found, with one spectacular example ending in the expired trackmaker! It is well-positioned on its lithographic limestone matrix, and is a ventrally-preserved example.

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