Exceedingly Rare (2nd ever found) Amiaform
Fish Fossil from Lebanon

Amia sp. aff.

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage

Size: Fish: 241 mm

Fossil Site: Lebanese Lagerstatt, Hajoula, Lebanon

AmiaformDescription: This plate displays a rarely seen example of a fish similar to the modern-day Bowfin, or Amia calva. Another representative is Amia kehreri, found in the Eocene deposits of Messel in Germany. This one is nearly 50 million years older than that, giving testimony to the suitability of the morphology and lifestyle. All were most likely cryptic predators, lying in wait for prey to drift near before striking. Notice the dentition, and the exceptional preservation displayed here throughout the specimen. This is an exceptionally rare species, with this being only the SECOND ever recovered from the quarry at Hajoula as of 2006.

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