Cretaceous Grazing Fossil Fish Pycnosteroides laevispinosus

Pycnosteroides laevispinosus

Order Beryciformes, Family Pycnosteroididae

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage (95 million years old)

Size: 50 mm high, 45 mm in length

Fossil Site: Lebanese Lagerstatt, Hajoula, Lebanon

Pycnosteroides laevispinosusDescription: A rarely seen member of the Order Beryciformes, Family Pycnosteroididae, it is thought to have been a grazer on plants, much as the modern-day Tangs do. The genus died out during the Cretaceous, leaving no descendants. This one has exceptionally-preserved finnage, with even some musculature preserved. It is hard to believe that such a specimen is nearly 100 million years old!!

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