Regal Sardinian Fossil Crab Neptunus granulatus

Neptunus granulatus

(H. M. Edwards 1834)

Class Malacostraca, Order Decapoda, Suborder Pleocyemata, Infraorder Brachyura
Superfamily Portunoidea, Family: Portunidae

Geological Time: Miocene

Size: Crab fossil is 135 mm (5 1/4”) in width by 100 mm (4 3/8”) in depth on a 170 x 220 mm (6 5/8 x 8”) block of matrix

Fossil Site: Bosa Beds, Sardinia, Italy

Fossil Crab Neptunus granulatusDescription: A fine investment grade example of this classic fossil crab from Sardinia, Italy. Note the oval carapace with the lateral points projecting from the far sides. And need we mention the large pincers dramatically placed in the matrix. The tan-colored specimen is set in a large block of whitish matrix. It was artistically curated by the Italian collector and craftsman who found it. According to a crab collector friend, these have often been found as part of the rocky fence rows of Sardinian farmers.

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Neptunus granulatus
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