Super Rare Cephalaspid Fossil Fish Pattenaspis whiteii

Pattenaspis (= Cephalaspis) whiteii

Class Osteostraci, Order Cephalaspida

Geological Time: Lower Devonian (385 Million Years Old)

Size: Fish fossil is 48 mm in length

Fossil Site: Powys, Wales, United Kingdom

Cephalaspid Fossil FishDescription: This is a fine example of a fish that has been termed a Cephalaspid, an Ostracoderm, and then an Osteostracan. This group is probably the most familiar of the Agnathans. They have a large horseshoe-shaped bony headshield with two round eye holes, a Cephalaspiskey-shaped nasal opening, and a tiny opening between the eyes that housed the pineal gland. The sides of the shield have an ornate appearance that was thought to have served a sensory function as did a similar area on the top of the head.. In life it would have been covered with a mosaic of tiny platelets. They evolved a number of quite exotic shield shapes from a simple semicircle to one with wideswept spines that encompassed the entire body. The Osteostracans went extinct at the end of the Devonian. This is a fine example of a fish that is staggeringly rare, and the only one you are likely to see offered.

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