Ancient Bergeroniellus spinosus Russian Trilobite

Bergeroniellus spinosus

Trilobites Order Ptychopariida, Superfamily Ellipsocephaloidea, Family Ellipsocephalidae

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian Botomian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite 50 mm long by 37 mm wide on a 125 by 130 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Sinsk Formation, Lena River, Russia

Code: RUT723

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Russian Trilobite Bergeroniellus spinosusDescription: A well-inflated trilobite quite rarely offered, this is Bergeroniellus spinosus. The genushas been assigned to the Redlichiidae of the Redlichiida by some scientists and the Ellipsocephalidae of the Ptychopariida by others. Whichever the case, it is an exceptional example from the Botomian Stage ( 520-525 million year old) deposits of Russia that even shows some of the original exoskeleton in place. The ecology of the Cambrian was quite fragile, perhaps in part due to low diversity. Some believe the Botomian witnessed a mass extinction as severe as that of the Permian. Some 83% of extant hard-shelled genera are believed to have perished during this time period. This example is quite well inflated, far older than the more commonly seen Asaphids, and sure to become a centerpiece for any collection of Russian trilobites. There is a second 13 mm by 14 mm cranidium present.

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