Massive Eoarachaean Brecciated Banded Iron

Stromatolites Banded Iron Deposit

Geologic Time: Neoarchaean (2.73 Billion Years Old)

Size: 280 mm by 153 mm (maximum)

Fossil Site: Jackson County Iron Mine, Jackson County Iron Formation, Wisconsin

Arachaean Brecciated Banded IronDescription: This is yet another form of stromatolite that is at once beautiful and has interesting scientific characteristics. Breccia is a geological term for a sedimentary rock which is composed of numerous angular fragments. It differs from conglomerate in that it has had little transport by wind or water, resulting in sharp-cornered component pieces rather than those that have been rounded by erosion. Brecciated (angularly broken) signifies that, in fact, the original stromatolitic structures were shattered into irregular shapes, probably in a surf, and were then buried under the stromatolite colonies that subsequently grew above.

The specimen has been hand-polished to a glassine finish on one side with fine carbide and diamond abrasive, a very labor-intensive job.

Stromatolites have persisted to the modern day in such places as Shark Bay, Australia where they continue their billions of years old lifestyle. While this piece would make a fine present for any natural history buff, anyone who appreciates art would also be glad to get thus wonderful specimen as a gift.

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