Gorgeous Tiatea Petrified Fern Tree Round from Brazil

Tiatea singularis

Division Pteridophyta

Geological Time: Permian

Size: Fossil is 5 7/8” in diameter

Fossil Site: Araguaina Petrified forest, Babaculandia, Maranhao Province, Brazil

Fossil Code: PPW35

Price: Sold

Tiatea singularis Petrified WoodDescription: Beautiful and fascinating, the Tiatea fern rounds are quite different from modern hard wood rounds. Note the shades of pink, brown, off–whites and outer bark. The front is highly polished, the backside finely cut, not polished.Fern Tree

In cross section, tree fern stems consisted of a narrow cylinder composed of vascular tissue. Enclosing this cylinder was a mantle of petioles and aerial roots, which created a fibrous, tough, lightweight structure Tietea is the stem of a marattialean tree fern from the Permian of Brazil much like Psaronius. In cross-section the two tree ferns have the same basic structure, but they can be distinguished. Whereas the vascular tissue is in strands at the center of the Psaronius stem the vascular tissue in the center of Tietea is found as round, ovoid, or C-shaped bundless.

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