Museum Eccoptochile mariana Moroccan Trilobite

Natural Tower of Death Assemblage

Eccoptochile mariana

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Cheiruridae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician

Size: Trilobites are 50 mm long by 25 mm wide to 60 mm long by 30 mm wide

Fossil Site: Taychoute , Morocco

Eccoptochile mariana TrilobitesDescription: Here is one of the more uncommon trilobites of Morocco: Eccoptochile, a cheirurid of the family Phacopida. While some sources claim only the species clavigera as valid, others contest that premise, with the name Eccoptochile mariana for this Moroccan taxon to be favored. This is a natural association of a DOZEN examples, preserved in dorsal, ventral, and enrolled aspect. The reason for such an assemblage is not clear — perhaps they had gathered together for a mass spawning as do the modern horseshoe crabs, only to have been buried during some catastrophic slumping of the seafloor. It has been reinforced with central rod which allows it to be placed in its matrix stand so it can be rotated for viewing from any aspect. I have included several in preparation process photos to show it is NOT a composite.

  Trilobites in Preparation  
Trilobites in Preparation Trilobites in Preparation Trilobites in Preparation

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