Huge Cretaceous Aquatic Beetle Fossil

Name: Fossil Insect Order: Coleoptera (Beetle) Family: Dystiscidae

Age: Lower Cretaceous

Size: mm (25.4mm=1 inch): Beetle: 27 mm body with 24 mm legspan . Matrix: 125 mm by 103 mm.

Location: Santana Formation, Ceara, Brazil

Code: I017

Price: Sold

Cretaceous Aquatic Beetle FossilDescription: This fine example shows a predaceous diving beetle with its legs extended, frozen in its last swim for the past 125 million years. Diving beetles are excellent swimmers, using the legs in unison to propel them in pursuit of prey which can include small fish. The deposits from which it comes are home to many exquisitely-preserved specimens, some exceptionally 3-D in nature. Such delicate items as the paper-thin wing bones of Pterosaurs have been found, testimony to the type of preservation that can be seen. This preservation is evident here as well. Little material from this treasure trove, more than twice the age of Green River Formation material, ever becomes available. This is the only example of this type I have seen in 3 years.

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