Fossil Amber Ecosystem: >70 Insects; Huge Roach; Rare Mosquito

Amber Fossil Insects

Insect Orders: Blattodea, Diptera, Coleoptera, Dermaptera, Hymenoptera, Psocoptera, Isoptera); and Chelicerata Arachnida: Araneae

Geological Time: Pleistocene to Pliocene

Size: Amber 70 by 58 mm; 29.3 grams

Fossil Site: Andes mountains in Colombia

Roach in amberThis is an amazing fossil amber ecosystem containing more than 70 insects and two spiders. There are two principle inclusions, a huge mantis-looking cockroach measuring 16 mm in length, and a rare mosquito.

Mosquitoes are members of Order Diptera and very rarely found in amber, where most other Diptera are common. In all there are 7 insects orders represented, including a cranefly (Diptera), earwig (Dermaptera), and 2 Alates (Isoptera), the winged, sexual form of the termite.

The hand-polished clear specimen is large and thin. In all, an amazing slice of once-animated life from an ancient rainforest ecosystem.

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