Mesoproterozoic Australian Baicalia capricornia Stromatolite

Baicalia capricornia Stromatolites

Geologic Time: Mesoproterozoic (1.2 billion years old)

Size: 12 by 6.5 inches

Location: Irregully Formation, Bangemall Basin, near Ashburton River, Kooline Station, Western Australia

Baicalia capricornia Australian stromatoliteWithout a doubt, this is some of the most stunning stromatolite I've ever seen., with distincy alternating dark and light banding, with dark purple-ish brown bands, and an occasional deep red blotch. The formation from which it comes in Western Australia dates to the Mesoproterozoic, to a time that the use of sex on earth for reproduction and diversity had just begun, and when the earliest cells with nuclei, the eucaryotes, were first appearing.

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