Supremely Rare Oeselaspis Primitive Jawless Fish

Part and Counterpart Specimen

Oeselaspis sp

Class Osteostraci, Cephalaspidiformes, Family Tremataspidae

Geological Time: Upper Silurian, Middle Ludlovian Stage

Size: 22 mm by 15 mm

Fossil Site: Island of Oesel, Estonia

OeselaspisDescription: The Osteostracii are a primitive group of jawless fish. This one is known as Oeselaspis and comesOeselaspis Fish Fossil from the Silurian of Estonia. The specific location serves as the genus name of this exceedingly rare specimen. It had a rounded shield that covered most of the body and was presumed to have aided the fish in plowing through the substrate in search of food. Notice the centrally-located eye holes, single nostril, Jawless Fishsensory fields and ornamentation. The shield was one solid piece, and as such most likely did not grow as the animal aged. Presumably the larvae had no such protection, growing a shield only once they had reached the mature stage.


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