Exceptionally-Preserved Asialepidotus Triassic Fish Fossil

Asialepidotus cf shingyiensis

Geological Time: Triassic

Size: 58 mm

Fossil Site: Dinxiao Village, Fuyuan, Yunnan Province of China

Triassic Fish FossilDescription: This fish is Asialepidotus, a member of the semionotid fshes. The genus is better known from deposits in Guizhou Province where it is seen with the aquatic reptile Keichousaurus . It is not known whether this one is the same species or not. The white veins of crystal are natural, and a quite commonly seen in material of this age. Missing only the distalmost portion of the caudal fin, it is a fine example of the type from a region rarely affording material such as this. This is the first and only example from this region that I have been able to acquire.

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