UK Palaeocoma Brittlestar Fossil

Palaeocoma egertoni

Phylum Echinodermata; Class Ophiuroidea

Geological Time: Early Jurassic Pliensbachian Stage (195 million years ago)

Size: Brittlestar fossil is 108 mm across

Fossil Site: Starfish Beds, Eype, Dorset, United Kingdom

Palaeocoma egertoni Brittlestar FossilDescription: A rarely seen member of the Ophiuroidea, or Brittlestars, this is a fine example of Palaeocoma egertoni. Coming from a classic UK location, this is a very detailed example of this rarely-seen taxon. The very hard sandy limestone is difficult to work, but the preparator has done an exceptional job freeing this wonderful specimen from its nearly 200 million year old tomb to afford the stunning 3-D specimen you see here presented in dorsal aspect. See my other offerings for another spectacular example.

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