Rare Cambrian Explosion Lobopodian Fossil from Utah

Part and Counterpart Specimen

Cf Ayshaeia prolata

Phylum Lobopodia, Class Xenusia, Family Aysheaiidae

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 19 mm long on a 145 mm by 90 mm and 140 mm by 90 matrix pair

Fossil Site: Wheeler Amphitheater, Millard County, Utah

Code: TT002

Price: $1995.00

Utah Lobopodian FossilDescription: Coming from the Cambrian Wheeler Formation deposits of Millard County Utah this is a specimen rarely seen. It is an unusual lobopodian known as Ayshaeia prolata, and comes from the Middle Cambrian Wheeler Amphitheater deposits of Utah. Specimens such as this are exceedingly difficult to photograph as they are only a thin film. This one is further obscured dues to the fact that some of the fluids leaked on during preservation. Nevertheless , a number of the limbs can be seen in this example which has been preserved in dorsal aspect with the legs Cambrian Explosion Lobopodian Fossil from Utahsplayed out to the sides. A rarely-seen fossil, it was named from a single partial example discovered in 1985, and has as its Ayshaeia prolataclosest relative Ayshaeia pedunculata from the Burgess Shale of British Columbia in Canada. That one possesses some 9-10 limbs when complete, and due to its association with sponges it has been presumed to have used them as a food source. The specimen can be seen in the lower left and lower right of the respective halves. I have included some photos taken using natural light as well as a life representation based upon the Burgess taxon.

Reference: Journal of Paleontology, Vol 59, No 1, pp 226-235, Jan 1985.

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