Superb Tetragonolepis Jurassic Fossil Fish from Germany

Tetragonolepis semicinctus

Order Semionotifomes, Family Seminotidaee

Geological Time: Lower Jurassic, Upper Lias

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fish fossil is 86 mm long by 63 mm tall Matrix: 133 mm by 100

Fossil Site: Holzmaden, Germany

Fossil Code: GF118

Price: $3995.00

Tetragonolepis Jurassic Fossil FishDescription: This is a rare discoidal shaped fish known as Tetragonolepis semisincta coming from the early Jurassic of Germany. Known from both Germany and England, it is likely to occur in France as well. It differs primarily from the other species, T. oldhami, in that this one has a much more circular body outline. Note the rod-like scales that become larger towards the ventral side. It is thought to have been primarily herbivorous but may have also taken small animals as well. The preservation on this example is exceptional; note the fine details in the caudal fin. This is a large example, one that is sure to become the cornerstone of any collection. A hanger has been affixed to the reverse to allow the specimen to be suspended on a wall for easy viewing.

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