Superb Basilosaurus Ancient Whale Tooth

Basilosaurus aff isis

Geological Time: Upper Eocene (~40 million years ago)

Class Mammalia, Class Mammalia, Order Cetacea, Suborder Archaeoceti, Family Basilosauridae

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 65 mm wide at root juncture, 110 mm in overall length with root

Fossil Site: Ad Dakla, Morocco

Code: RS156

Price: Sold

Basilosaurus Ancient ToothDescription: First discovered in deposits in the Louisiana in 1834, this archaeocete (ancient whale) was first thought to be a reptile, hence the suffix –saurus, due its snake-like body. It was subsequently found to be a whale, and more so a toothed whale. Unlike the toothed whales of today such as the Sperm Whale and Killer Whale, Basilosaurus and its kin displayed heterodonty, meaning teeth in the jaw had different morpholody based upon location and function. The canines were somewhat similar to the teeth of modern day Odonotcetes (toothed whales) while the premolars and molar were double-rooted and possessed multiple serrated cusps, such as seen here. Skeletons have been found with concentrations of fish bones in the interior, suggestive of the diets of these mammals that reached as much as 18 meters in length. Members of the family have been found in the US, Europe, and Africa. This one is quite complete, missing only the very ends of the root. Other than some minor infilling of gaps and cracks it is entirely natural, unlike many examples offered on the market.

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