Pseudocidaris mammosa, the Mother of All Echinoid Fossils

Pseudocidaris mammosa (Club Sea Urchin Fossil)

Phylum: Echinodermata; Class: Echinoidea; Family: Pseudocidaridae; Genus: Pseudocidaris

Geological Time: Jurassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Matrix 130mm X 100mm; Club urchin about 70mm X 70mm

Fossil Site: LaRochelle, France

Code: EC009

Price: $1850.00 - sold

Pseudocidaris mammosaComing from the La Rochelle, France area, with but a few recovered each year, Pseudocidaris mammosa with its numerous bulbous spines possibly ranks as the most impressive echinoid fossil that can be purchased. The fossil has been painstakingly cleaned and reassembled by experts rendering the fossil in lifelike three-dimensional slendor with minute details present. Note in the picture that two spines are detached such that the animal can be viewed; you could re-glue these back on if you prefer.

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