Rare Hallucigenia from Utah

Hallucigenia sp.

Phylum Onychophora (?)

Geological Time: Upper Middle Cambrian

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 15 mm X 25 mm on a 45 mm by 41 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Spence Shale, Box Elder County, Utah

Fossil Code: CB62

Price: sold

HallucigeniaDescription: This is a fine partial specimen of one of the most sought-after Burgess Shale type creatures: Hallucigenia. The genus is better known from the actual Bugess Shale of Canada, but a very few specimens have also been found in Utah and the older Chengjiang Biota. Hallucigenia named by Simon Conway Morris when he re-examined Charles Walcott's Burgess Shale genus Canadia in 1979. This one consists of the anteriormost portion of the animal, with several of the paired spines (a complete one has 7 pairs) and the hint of the head. Were it complete, it would be priced several times as much. Nevertheless, it is the first such specimen I have been able to offer, and a most rare example of the life forms from the Cambrian Explosion of Utah.

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