MASSIVE Nothrotheriops Ground Sloth Skull Fossil

Nothrotheriosp shastensis

Order Xenartha, Family Nothrotheriidae

Geologic Time: Late Pleistocene (~12,000 years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Skull only: 485 mm long by 172mm high by 305 mm wide.
Overall with stand: 510 mm long by 295 mm high by 305 mm wide

Fossil Site: Southern New Mexico, USA

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Nothrotheriosp shastensis Sloth FossilDescription: A spectacular example of a skull of a Shasta Ground Sloth, Nothrotheriops shastensis. This was the smallest of the giant ground sloths at some 3 meters or Nothrotheriosp Groyund Slothless in overall length, roughly half the size of others such as Megalonyx and its contemporary Eremotherium. Examples of the genus are known from Mexico, the Southwest US, California (La Brea Tar Pits), Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. Its ancestors arrived in the region during the great migration from South America after the formation of the land bridge between the two continents some 2.6 million years ago during the Blancan Stage. It is the best known of the sloths due to the fact that several specimens from Arizona and New Mexico have been found with hair, tendons, and even preserved dung. While the skull and its components are natural, the lower jaw was not found, and a replica has been made to act as a display stand. A most impressive specimen, this one is worthy of any collection of Pleistocene mammals, public or private.

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