RARE Nettapezoura Cambrian Explosion Arachnomorph

Part and Counterpart Specimen

Cf Nettapezoura basilika

Phylum Euarthropoda, Subphylum Arachnomorpha

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian (~520 million years ago)

Size mm (25.4 mm = 1 inch) 15 mm on a 55 mm by 105 mm and 70 mm by 140 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Pierson Cove Formation, House Range, Utah

Fossil Code: STF25

Price: Sold

Nettapezoura basiliaDescription: The Arachnomorpha houses some of the most unusual and enigmatic arthropods of the Cambrian, and this one is no exception. It is known as Nettapezoura basilika. The genus derives its name from a distinctive duckfooted telson which here is buried in the matrix. The species name is derived from the Greek word for regal from its presumed status as an apex predator. Four of the swimming appendages are visible, as well as segmentation to the thorax; I have included a negative image to help with the interpretation. While much of the rest of the specimen may well still be entombed in the matrix it was deemed by the preparator to be too risky to attempt exposure.

Reference: J. Paleontol. 82 (2), 2008, pp 238-254

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Cf Nettapezoura basilika Cf Nettapezoura basilika Cf Nettapezoura basilika
Cf Nettapezoura basilika
Cf Nettapezoura basilika
Cf Nettapezoura basilika

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