Rare Dicranocaris guntherorum Cambrian Arthropod

Part and counterpart of an enignatic arthropod from Utah's Marjum Formation

Dicranocaris guntherorum

Phylum Euarthropoda, Subphylum Arachnomorpha (sensu: Briggs and Lieberman et al., 2008; other interpretations are emerging)

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian, (~ 520 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 25 mm (curve measure) on a 55 mm by 45 mm and 30 mm by 40 mm matrix pair

Fossil Site: Bathyuriscus Zone, Marjum Formation, House Range, Utah

Fossil Code: STF05

Price: $1995.00

Dicranocaris guntherorumDescription: The Arachnomorpha houses some of the most unusual and enigmatic arthropods of the Cambrian, and this one is no exception. It is known as Dicranocaris Dicranocarisguntherorum. The genus derives its name from a distinctive forked telson which here is buried in the matrix. The genus is monotypic with the sole species named after the Gunther family of Brigham, Utah who have been instrumental in research on Cambrian soft-bodied fauna. No other arthropod displays the set of \characters seen in this one. The swimming appendages are visible; I have included two negative images to help with the interpretation. While the rest of the few specimens known come from the Wheeler Formation, this one from the Marjum stands out as possibly the first such example.

Reference: Briggs and Lieberman et al., J. Paleontol. 82 (2), 2008, pp 238-254.

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Dicranocaris guntherorum Cambrian Explosion Fossil from the Utah Marjum Formation

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