Dramatic Early Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite

An Issafen Formation rarity with few found

Aff Gigantopygidae indet

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Family Gigantopygidae (?)

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian, Atdabanian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 110 mm long (curve measure) , 80 mm across . Matrix: 150 mm by 110 mm

Fossil Site: Issafen Formation, Issafen, Morocco

Fossil Code: 15036

Price: Sold

Gigantopygidae Moroccan TrilobiteDescription: The Issafen Formation of the Anti-Atlas region of Moroccop has recently become something of a Gold Rush for the discovery of heretofore unseen trilobite fof Early Cambrian age. This one is no exception. Based upon the unusual pygidium, it is most likely a member of the Gigantopygidae, a rarely-seen family of Redlichiida. It might be a member of the Saukiandidae, but so few have been found with articulated pygidia that I have my doubts. The axial spines on the posteriormost thoracic segments are natural as can be seen in the in-preparation photos included at the bottom below. To the left is a photo of the strata in which most Issafen specimens are currently found with the sites circled in red.

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