Bondonella Early Cambrian Moroccan Trilobite

Wide Form Variation

Bondonella szduyi

Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Suborder Olenellina ,Superfamily Fallotaspidoidea, Family Neltneriidae

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian, Atdabanian Stage

Size mm (25.4mm=1 inch): Trilobite: 40 mm long, 28 mm across. Matrix: 100 mm by 100 mm.

Fossil Site: Issafen Formation, Amouslek, Morocco

Fossil Code: 15135

Price: Sold

Bondonella szduyiDescription: This plate displays a fine example of a member of the order Redlichiida known as Bondonella szduyi. Coming from the Issafen Formation deposits of Morocco, it is firmly placed in the Early Cambrian. First described over 60 years ago as a member of the genus Neltneria, a revision of the family Neltneriidae in 1993 led to the erection of a second genus: Bondonella. This is the second species (see my other listings for Bondonella typica) known as B. szduyi. This species comes in two forms: a narrow form and a wide form. It is not clear whether they are merely compressed and extended examples of the same species or in fact different species entirely. This is a fine, well-inflated example of the wide form of this rarely-seen species. Some of the material from Amouslek displays this black coloration, rather than the brownish earth tones usually seen, making for a striking display specimen.

Reference: Journal of Paleontology, Vol 69 No 3, (May 1995) pp459-474.

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Bondonella szduyi Bondonella szduyi Bondonella szduyi
Bondonella szduyi   Bondonella szduyi

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