NEW Uralichas Lichid Trilobite

Uralichas sp

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Lichidae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 37 mm long and 23 mm across (including spines). Matrix: 80 mm by 135 mm

Fossil Site: Zagora, Morocco

Code: 12032

Price: Sold

UralichasDescription: This plate displays a rarely seen example of a trilobite found in the Ordovician deposits of Zagora, Morocco. This taxon appears to be related to the much larger Uralichas hispanicus tardus (up to 66 cm), but since there are never any examples found intermediate in size it is most likely not a juvenile of that species, but rather potentially something new. It is quite complete, with only minor portions of the exoskeleton missing. I have only seen one other specimen to date. The brick red color makes this one stand out well when compared to the beige matrix, making for a striking presentation.

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