Museum Merycoidodon Oreodont Skeleton from White River

Merycoidodon culbertsoni

Class Mammalia, Order Artiodactyla, Suborder Oreodonta, Family Merycoidodontidae, Subfamily Oreodontinae

Geologic Time: Oligocene – (35 million years ago)

Size: The skull is 210 mm (8 ¼”) in length. The full skeleton is 560mm (22 1/16”) in length by 390 mm ( 15 3/8”) in depth. Specimen about 50 pounds; crated weight about 100 pounds

If the animal were alive it would be approximately 3 feet long and close to 2 feet high. The full plate is 660 x 460 mm (26 x 18 1/8”).

Fossil Site: Upper Brule Formation, White River Badlands, Private Ranchland near Crawford, Nebraska

Fossil Code: PFV167

Price: Sold

Merycoidodon culbertsoni FossilDescription: Description: Who said there is no such thing as beginners luck? Every serious fossil collector has a story of taking out a first time collector, and that person ends up haphazardly finding the trophy fossil of the dig. This specimen was found under such circumstances. The woman who found this was a first time collector. She was not even aware of what she had found, upon discovering a part of this skeleton protruding from the ground.

Fortunately, the other collectors were competent and excavated the skeleton professionally. It was wrapped in burlap and covered with plaster to stabilize the integrity of the specimen. The bottom of the specimen is still fully encased.

The top portion (or left side) of skeleton has been cleared of matrix. However, we do not consider this to be a professionally curated specimen. It is perhaps about 85-90% curated in our opinion. There has been absolutely no reconstruction, replacement or enhancement of the skeleton. A few of small bone fragments have been glued back in place. Some fine finishing work would dramatically intensify the presence of this already fabulous find. It is being sold in “as is” condition.

As for the Merycoidodon skeleton itself. The left side of the skull is fully intact, including all teeth. The full vertebrate, many ribs, pelvis and shoulder blades are fully or partially showing. The front legs appear to be missing. Both back legs are preserved. One of the legs even has the toe bones. Unfortunately the tailbones are missing.

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Shipping: The specimen weighs approximately 50 pounds. To insure its safety, the specimen will be doubly encased. The Merycoidodon will reside in a large cardboard box, surrounded by a snug foam casing. The shipping container itself is a solid wooden crate. The interior will be fully insulated to protect its precious occupant. The total weight will be over 100 pounds. It will be shipped with a tracking number and full insurance.

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