Museum Pulalius Fossil Crab from Washington State

Pulalius vulgaris

Class Malacostraca, Order Decapoda, Infraorder Brachyura, Superfamily Xanthoidea

Geological Time: Eocene

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 77 mm in width by 37 mm in depth

Fossil Site: Lincoln Creek Formation, Porter, Washington

Fossil Code: PFO143

Price: $535.00 - sold

Pulalius vulgaris Crab FossilDescription: Among the world’s best-preserved crab fossils are those coming from western Washington state. Generally, crabs quickly fall apart after death, so for these crabs to be found is so fine a state of preservation is a rarity. They must have been buried soon after death. The crabs are found in concretions along the sides of creeks and beds of local streams. Painstaking work and long hours are required to prepare one as seen here.

This Pulalius is an excellent example. Eight of ten appendages have been preserved. Note the shiny dark brown color of the carapace and legs. It is fully inflated, well-centered and 3D.

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