Exquisite LeGrand Crinoids Association To Die For
"from the Loudon Collection"

Rhadocrinites kirbyi, Pachylocrinus globosus and Platycrinites pendens

Phylum Echinodermata, Subphylum Crinozoa, Class Crinoidea

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian

Size (25.4mm = 1 inch): Rhadocrinites kirbyi are 75 mm and 41 mm; Pachylocrinus globosus is 7 mm; Platycrinites pendens is 53 mm; Plate size is 9 cm x 13 cm (5” x 3 1.2”)

Fossil Site: Hampton Formation, Marshall County, Iowa

Fossil Code: PFO237

Price: $1050.00 - sold

Description: Crinoids are known as “flowers of the sea”. Even though they are actually animals, they do bear a striking resemblance to terrestrial blooming plants. A few larger multiple specimen plates were part of the Loudon collection. I acquired this one only. The aesthetics of a multiple association plate of this quality preservation and conservation are amazing.

This plate has four primary specimens. Three distinct species are represented, as well as a host of partial crowns and stalk. The #’s are labeled on the backside of the plate.
#4 – Rhadocrinites kirbyi (upper right side brown specimen w with long stalk)
#4a - Rhadocrinites kirbyi (upper left side brown specimen with stalk)
#24 – Pachylocrinus globosus (small white crown on the left side of
the arms of #4a.)
#15 - Platycrinites pendens (Large white crown located on the center
bottom left center of the plate)

All of the specimens are fully inflated, 3D and show exceptionally well.
The associates at Fossilmall consider this a Museum grade fossil, and give it our highest recommendation.

Background: Recently a portion of the collection of Lowell Loudon was
acquired and prepared with modern air abrasion techniques. Loudon was a contemporary of Dr. Burnice Beane, the academic who first discovered the wonderful fauna of the Le Grand quarry site. This collection dates back to the 1930’s. Only about eighty specimens were acquired. These specimens are quite valuable, as not only do they have historical provenance, but also the quarry itself has been closed to collecting for decades. Fossils from this area are only available when old collections become available. This is a unique opportunity to obtain one of the specimens from the Loudon collection. I obtained a total of eight specimens.

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Rhadocrinites kirbyi, Pachylocrinus globosus and Platycrinites pendens
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