Museum Ophioderma Brittle Star Fossil

Ophioderma egertoni

Phylum Echinodermata, Subphylum Asterozoa, Class Ophiuroidea, Order Ophiurida, Family Ophiodermatidae

Geologic Time: Jurassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Brittle star fossil is 3 5/8” from the tip of the lower left arm to the tip of the opposite middle right arm. The flat lying matrix base is 7 ¼ x 6 ½ x 2”

Fossil Site: Middle Lias – Eype, Lyme Regis, Dorset Coast, United Kingdom

Fossil Code: PFO382

Price: $875.00 - sold

Ophioderma egertoniDescription: You can imagine my pleasure upon acquiring this elegant fossil recently. It is without doubt the largest, most poetic Brittle star I have ever encountered. These are uncommon and very hard to Brittlestarfind in this perfectly preserved state. All five arms and body are fully intact, 3D and gracefully displayed. The specimen even exhibits some muted earth tone type colors. The piece was magnificently prepared by the well-respected Dorset coast resident David Halmkin. The specimen resides comfortably on a rounded solid piece of Dorset Coast matrix. This fossil would make a dramatic collection, or, decorative piece. Brittle stars are marine animals closely related to starfish, but with a distinct division between the central disc-like body and the five arms.

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Museum Ophioderma Brittle Star Fossil

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