Rare New Species Ichthyodectidae Fish Fossil

c.f. Ichthyodectidae

Class Actinopterygii, Order Ichthyodectiformes, Family Ichthyodectidae

Geological Time: Cretaceous

Size: Fish Fossil is is 48.2 cm (19”) in length

Fossil Site: Golmina, a town on the southern slope of the Moroccan Atlas Mountians

Fossil Code: PFF361

Price: $1350.00

Ichthyodectidae Fish FossilDescription: One of my favorite parts about being a fossil dealer is the detective work involved in discovering the identity of a new unidentified specimen. This large fish had the working title of Golema, a generic working name used by the Moroccan dealer. Most likely referring to the town it was collected by, Goulmima. With the assistance of one of my Italian fish specialist associates a short French research article was discovered in a European journal concerning these new discoveries of Moroccan fish and other marine fossils.


The fossil fishes come from the marine Lower Turonian of a locality situated near Goulmima, a town on the southern slope of the Moroccan Atlas (Cavin 1995). The fishes, generally well preserved, are contained in calcareous nodules. They are prepared in acid baths and by air scribe.We have not been able to discern a genus or species name for the fish. There is a high probability that it is still undescribed. Hence, we are identifying it the family classification in which we believe it belongs.

The fish itself was found in a nodule. The nodule was encased in a plaster jacket and some of it still surrounds the fish for support. The fish fully displays all of its skin and scale patterns. Very few bony parts and no teeth are exposed. The nodule was broken and repaired in three segments. The fish is exposed in a ventral position. The specimen is fully 3D and has wonderful presence. The light chocolate skin color contrasts well against the white matrix. These type fossil fish are new to the fossil market and this is the only one I was able to acquire. They are very, very rare.

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