Huge and Very Rare Santana Fish Fossil Calamopleurus cylindricus
"The Best of the Best"

Calamopleurus cylindricus

Class Actinopterygii, Order Amiiformes, Family Amiidae

Geological Time: Lower Cretaceous, Late Aptian-Cenomanian (108-92 million years ago)

Size: Fossil fish is 76 cm (31 1/2”) in length

Fossil Site: Romualdo Member of the Santana Formation, Ceara, Northeastern Brazil

Fossil Code: PFF213

Price: $1850.00

CalamopleurusDescription: What an amazing and very rare bowfin fish specimen! This Calamopleurus specimen was found in a concretion consisting of three parts that were carefully reassembled. Overall the preservation is excellent. The head is neatly complete with the jaw retaining many large teeth. The pelvic and anal fins are partially intact. Dorsal fin missing. The caudal fin is excellent. Large and thick rectangular scales are present the entire length of the body. There is no carving or restoration on any parts of this Calamopleurus. A fossil fish of this size, rarity and preservation would certainly grace any collection, be it public or private!

These were middle to large freshwater fishes of elongate shape. Head elongate, snout somewhat rounded, eyes small with long pointed teeth. Dorsal fin triangular, caudal fin rounded. Large and thick triangular scales. Genus extinct. Closely related to the recent bowfin, Amia calva. (See page 433 of Frickhinger’s book FOSSIL FISH ATLAS Calamopleurus cylindricusfor more detailed information.)

Bowfins are an order (Amiiformes) of primitive ray-finned fish. Only one species, the bowfin Amia calva, family Amiidae, exists today, although additional species in six families are known from Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Eocene fossils. These included the huge Leedsichthys, probably the biggest fish that ever existed. The bowfin and the gar are two of the freshwater fishes still extant that existed, almost unchanged from their current form, while the great dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Brazil a few years ago banned the export of fossils from the Santana Formation. This fish was purchased from the estate liquidation of a deceased fossil dealer and is perfectly legal. This is a unique opportunity to obtain a premium grade fossil fish from a site now closed to commercial collecting.

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